March 19, 2010 at 6:45 pm (arch, commands, install, tips)

Bashrun in progress

So, I’ve been getting used to using the terminal/command line a lot more since moving to Arch. In the process, I’ve been trying to run programs from the terminal. I find it to be much quicker than looking for it in the menu and getting used to that helps me troubleshoot my friends computer much easier. The problem I’ve been running into with running a program from the terminal, is that you can’t close that terminal or the program will close as well. I stumbled across a solution to that problem.

It’s called Bashrun and can be installed from the main repos: $ sudo pacman -S bashrun. Be sure to also install the optional file it suggests. It will give bashrun more functionality. What it does essentially is pop up a little box in which you can run your programs/commands from. It will then hide in the background (it’s a very small process).

Simply run $ bashrun and a small box will appear, then type in a program/command and hit enter. It will then hide and the command/program will run. Very useful. Here are some basic commands for the program:

$ bashrun –hide #Will hide bashrun
$ bashrun –show #Will show bashrun
$ bashrun –restart #Restarts bashrun
$ bashrun –su (cmd) #Run the command as root [note: don’t add the parenthesis]

Edit: Apparently xdotool breaks bashrun in the last 2 release. The devs for xdotool are working on fixing the problem of bashrun not closing once run, as well as –toggle not working properly


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  1. Basher91 said,

    You could have also just done [insert program]& and that runs the program in the background of the terminal session.

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