My Openbox Switch

March 1, 2010 at 6:45 pm (install, openbox, packages, pacman, sudo, terminal, tips)

My Openbox Screenshot

So over the last few weeks, I’ve been debating on switching to openbox. I borked my sound the other day trying to use mpd and could only get login/logout sounds to work. I didn’t have sound from any movies/music or flash videos. I decided that was a good enough reason to switch. I spent the past 2 days messing around with various settings and programs and did one last fresh install today. I’ve got most things set up pretty much the way I like it (still have to mess with the menu and add a few more programs, but overall, I’m good).

I followed the Openbox Wiki and got a basic idea for programs to install and ways to set them up. I’ll list the programs I went with and I’ll post the themes/icons configuration files in another post.

The common codecs: Flash Player, Microsoft Fonts, and Java
$ sudo pacman -S flashplugin ttf-ms-fonts jre
Note: jre is optional (well, all of it is, but I rarely use java, so that can be excluded)

My Browser of Choice (at least temporarily): Firefox
$ sudo pacman -S firefox

A very basic, lightweight notepad/editor: Leafpad
$ sudo pacman -S leafpad

A Lightweight/Speedy File Manager: Thunar, with optional plug-ins
$ sudo pacman -S thunar thunar-volman thunar-thumbnailers ffmpegthumbnailer thunar-archive-plugin thunar-media-tags-plugin

Archiver of choice: XArchiver
$ sudo pacman -S xarchiver

Misc system information: Conky
$ sudo pacman -S conky

A Taskbar/System Tray: Tint2
$ sudo pacman -S tint2

Wallpaper Manager: Feh (Extremely Lightweight)
$ sudo pacman -S feh

Image viewer: Mirage
$ sudo pacman -S mirage

Screenshot Utility: Scrot (Command Line)
$ sudo pacman -S scrot

Torrent Program: Deluge
$ sudo pacman -S deluge

CHM viewer: Xchm
$ sudo pacman -S xchm

Terminal of Choice: Tilda
$ sudo pacman -S tilda

IDE/Development Program: Geany
$ sudo pacman -S geany

A GUI for the Openbox Menu: OBMenu
$ sudo pacman -S obmenu

Music Player: Goggles Music Manager – Very lightweight and extremely fast with 22k song list
$ sudo pacman -S musicmanager
Note: This program is started by issuing the following command $ gmm

Movie Player: SMPlayer
$ sudo pacman -S smplayer

RSS Reader: Liferea
$ sudo pacman -S liferea

Super Easy Openbox Menu Generator: MenuMaker
$ sudo pacman -S menumaker

CD Burner: Xfburn – Very lightweight, and almost no dependencies.
$ sudo pacman -S xfburn

That should give you a pretty good setup in terms of basic programs. I know not all are super lightweight, but I can’t live without some. I tried to install only the most basic programs and avoid anything with gnome/kde dependencies. Some pull in a fairly large amount of dependencies (smplayer), but most are just codecs.

These are the few that I grabbed from the AUR using packer.

Office Program: Abiword-Light (without gnome dependencies)
SNES Emulator: ZSNES
PSX Emulator: pSX
Internet Browser: Chromium
PDF Reader: Foxit Reader (Yes, I know it’s proprietary…it’s just the best one I can find besides Okular)
Color for Pacman: Pacman-color
Windows Emulator: Wine
Virtual Desktop: Virtual Box
Online Backup: Dropbox


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