Wireless Install

February 26, 2010 at 7:30 pm (arch, friend, packages, wireless)

Alright, so today I finally got the chance to add wireless support to my friends computer. I had installed Arch for him, but never got the chance to test the wireless connection. So I headed over to his house with a saved copy of the Beginners Wiki and the Wireless page on the Wiki on an external drive. I ran the few commands that it suggested:

$ iwconfig

$ ifconfig wlan0 up

I soon realized that his card needed firmware as ifconfig gave a a nice error of SIOCSIFFLAGS: No such file or directory. Unfortunately we had to download the firmware from the internet…but needed internet to do that. We ended up having to drag his computer into his roommates room and pop the ethernet cable into the back of his computer to fetch his required firmware. After that, wireless setup went smooth. We ended up going with wicd from the repositories. It easily found and connected to his network each time, and adding that to the daemons in the /etc/rc.conf file allowed it to auto load each time the computer restarted.

Overall, wireless in Arch was a bit more time consuming then Ubuntu, but I did learn a lot and was able to install any network manager I wanted instead of being forced to use whichever one was preinstalled.


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