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February 23, 2010 at 1:05 pm (ABS, AUR, packages, packer, pacman, yaourt)

Alright, so something that I didn’t stumble upon until later was the AUR. It basically contains user modified/updated packages that aren’t in the [core] [extra] [community] updates with pacman. This place is one of the reasons why I came back and stayed with Arch Linux.

There is a couple ways of accessing and installing these files. The most basic way is to use ABS. It’s basically a simplified version of .make, .configure, etc. etc. You build the package using the pkgbuild file you downloaded off of ABS, and once it’s built, you install it using pacman.

A much easier way is to install either Yaourt or Packer. Both need to be installed first using the ABS method, but once you do that, it’s smooth sailing from there.

Yaourt. I originally started using this. Whenever you want to search for and install something in the AUR, you simply run this:

$ yaourt dropbox

It will run and list all the contents of AUR with the search of dropbox. Then you simply supply which numbers you want to install and it will work from there. It will also ask you in the process if you wish to configure the installation file with a text editor. Most of the time I select ‘n’, but if you understand fully what you’re doing to edit the file, go right ahead. The other nice thing about yaourt, is that it can run the same commands as pacman. You can run something like this:

$ yaourt -Syu

Packer. This is basically a lightweight version of yaourt, and searches EXTREMLY fast compared to yaourt. It’s not quite as pretty, but it does it’s job very fast. Again, you have to install this with either ABS or if you have yaourt installed, search for packer, and install it from there. I ended up switching to this once and rarely use yaourt anymore. It also uses the same commands from pacman:

$ packer -Syu

Try any of these methods and figure out which works best for you.


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    […] These are the few that I grabbed from the AUR using packer. […]

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