My Openbox test.

February 21, 2010 at 7:17 pm (arch, install, linux, openbox)

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So in my ever expanding quest for knowledge, power and the perfect Linux desktop, I decided to give Openbox a try. Openbox is a lightweight window manager that can be used as a standalone or with KDE or Gnome.

I’ve dealt with Openbox before, and loved how #! (Crunchbang! Linux) used that as a “desktop environment”. It was extremely fast and I enjoyed the incredibly minimalistic view of it. Having literally everything hidden on a blank desktop made it fun to showcase it off to my friends. Or for a real treat, let them attempt to use my desktop without explaining anything to them. The only thing I didn’t like was how many packages were installed with #! and the package manager aptitude has always been lacking.

So I began testing Openbox with my KDE previously installed. I was able to use KDM to select Openbox as an environment to log into. Installation went smooth and installing tint2 as well as obmenu made working in Openbox extremely easy. I loved the speed and my desktop was usable seconds after I started it up. There is much tampering to deal with and various alternate programs I would love to test and use before I begin my foray into using Openbox as a standalone window manager.

I’ve been quite impressed with it so far and it may actually take over my KDE as my primary(only) desktop. Plus I’ve gotten jealous with all the pretty screen-shots I’ve seen for Openbox on the arch forums 🙂


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