Arch on a Friends Computer.

February 21, 2010 at 4:06 am (arch, friend, install)

So, the other day I had informed a friend about Arch Linux. He had been using Ubuntu since about a year ago and has for the most part not had too much trouble with it. He has been asking about the “new Linux” ever since I informed him that Ubuntu had come out with 9.10 (…it might have even been 9.04). I decided that a rolling release might be a better option than a flaky upgrade.

Upon first booting into his Ubuntu, I noticed something instantly. If he had been using a Windows system instead of a *nix based system, his computer would have slowed down significantly. His computer booted just as fast as the day I left it (I haven’t really messed with it since I first installed Ubuntu). The other thing that amused me was Ubuntu has a bad habit of keeping old kernel files in the grub boot menu. He had a solid list of 8-10 kernel upgrades in the menu. Very messy looking to say the least.

I informed him that he would have to use the command line a bit, but I would give him the few basic commands to run as well as how to install software. He didn’t seem to mind, but he did seem a little intimidated. So, today he dropped his computer off and stuck around for a bit while I started installing Arch. He was quite impressed with how much I knew and watching his reactions while I installed the base system was priceless.

He decided to install KDE since he was fairly familiar with Gnome and he wanted to learn a new desktop environment. Plus I think he was fairly impressed with my setup after seeing my KDE desktop. Installation went smooth, and the only problem I have yet to test out is the wireless. He left the antennae at home, so I couldn’t test it out on my network. Since I haven’t yet tried to install and configure a wireless network with Arch, I may be in for a few hours of searching and testing. Hopefully all goes well though. /fingers crossed

Let’s hope that he enjoys Arch as much as I have!


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