Lynx During Install

February 18, 2010 at 12:12 pm (arch, install, lynx, pacman, tips)

I wish I had known this tip when I originally tried to install Arch Linux months ago. An incredibly handy tip once you have the Arch base system installed (i.e. you don’t have X or a Desktop Enviroment) is to use Lynx in a virtual console.

All you have to do is hit [Alt] + [F2] (or any of the F2-F7 keys) and log in to that console. Install Lynx with this command:

$ pacman -S lynx

Just run it once it’s been installed ($ lynx) and you should have a working text browser. I then navigated to (by hitting g in lynx) and arrowed down until I hit the Beginners Installation Guide. I used that during after my intial setup and that made it heck of a lot easier than running back and forth to another computer, or printing off a ton of instructions. All you have to do to get back to your other console is hit [Alt] + [F1] and you can run any of the commands from there. Then when you need more guidance, just simply [Alt] + [F2] back to the Lynx browser.

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